We complete tasks. We build things. We fix things.

From landscaping projects to building outdoor decor to basic electrical work. We do it all.

We are handy people.

The relationship between a father and his daughter is almost always a special one. I am lucky to have come from a long line of good father/daughter relationships. The picture in the header is, in fact, my grandfather with his daughter (my mother) sitting on the running board of their Model-T. My daughter and I have been working on projects together ever since she was able to work on projects...and we just never stopped. One of the things that I just love about my daughter is that she is very participatory and is generally willing to work on any kind of project. This willingness to work has taken us into a large of variety of creative projects from landscaping to lamps, from birdhouses to planters, to any number of original or specialize items.

You can hire us. You can purchase our products, or you can commission us for something special.

And, by the way, I wrote a book about our relationship...

Pug Notes to my Daughter, is a collection of lunchtime notes written by a father to his daughter. The notes were there to edify and amuse, to celebrate life, and of course to show off the pug. As he packed his daughter’s lunch, he would slip in a note each day…he hoped that it would give her something to smile about in the middle of her school day. He never knew what the pug notes meant to her until she was moving out as an adult, and she handed him a box filled with years and years of pug notes.

She had saved them all.

This book is available on Amazon. Click here